Le Pic-vert

Green Woodpecker

Both the Spotted Woodpecker and the Green Woodpecker are climbing birds that nest and feed in forests. The call of the Green Woodpecker is like a rushing, thunderous burst of laughter and drums less than the Spotted Woodpecker. These insectivores have different feeding habits. The Green Woodpecker eats 90% ants, sometimes earthworms, snails, berries, fruits, pine seeds and acorns. The Spotted Woodpecker, which rarely comes down to the ground, finds its food among caterpillars, larvae, diptera, spiders, beetles and beetles captured on the bark, in the cracks and wood of trees, as well as seeds and fruits. They are formidable against caterpillars and other insect pests and their ecological role is even broader because their cavities provide shelter for many other species of birds: passerines, owls, etc.